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Introduction to ranking 

Often we are told of the inaccuracies of search engines and it is defined as the positioning of the search results (SERPs). And just as often so much is lost in technical matters and assumptions random on the operation of search engines that we lose sight of their real meaning and purpose, which is much simpler. To explain this, it is necessary to take a step back and start from the beginning.

Search Engine definition

In order to avoid taking everything for granted, we begin to provide a definition for search engines. A search engine is a system that analyses data (websites around the world), which it collects at first (indexing), and returns the most suitable result for a particular keyword searched. To do this it uses mathematical and statistical algorithms to classify the degree of relevance of the pages of the websites compared to that keyword.

Posizionamento su Motori di ricerca dei Siti web

In other words, when we do a search, search engines already know what they will offer as results because the work is already taking place periodically indexing (crawling). The most used search engines are:

  • Google does not need an introduction (about two thirds of the research in the world)
  • Yahoo! is widely used all over the world, sometimes only for a few particular widgets
  • Microsoft Bing comes as a default in the package and therefore is used a lot as the basic one. Moreover, it is in close cooperation with Facebook
  • Baidu is used a lot in China (since Google is banned) and due to its population this search engine should be taken into consideration
  • Yandex is used especially in Russia, where there is so much research even in the English language
  • etc …

Search engine and websites

To be as clear as possible we have decided to list a sequence of questions / answers about the relationship between the search engines, their clients and websites.

  1. What is the goal of search engines? Simply to satisfy its customers.
  2. Who are the customers of search engines? Users who every day make online searches.
  3. What do they offer? The best results for a given search.
  4. What can websites do with search engines? They can offer quality web pages that search engines will evaluate with their own logic (algorithm) and rank them in their list (search results).

Ranking of the websites in search engines 

Posizionamento dei siti web sui motori di ricerca

In this context, our web pages need to follow some classification criteria of search engines, which periodically change their algorithms with the intent of fine tuning. The ranking (SEO) of our site will epend on our strength to adapt to these great tools that are search engines.

In this regard, I quote a famous phrase of Charles Darwin’s theory on the evolution of plant and animal species by natural selection:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” (Charles Darwin)

Similarly, the owners of a site, to create visibility around their site, they have an obligation to adapt to their natural habitat (search engines) to survive (get a better ranking, then get more traffic, and more customers); otherwise, the ideal solution is SeoWebMaster that specializes in this area and allows you to stay current with the times of the web.

This adaptation to the context of search engines brings a key advantage in marketing. Individuals or companies have the unique opportunity to come into direct contact with customer demands, then to meet their needs. Unlike the traditional marketing-oriented product, with seo marketing you can implement a customer-oriented marketing, adapting our way of presenting the product to their needs.

In conclusion, search engines, if used in the right way, without excessive technical issues at the expense of the quality of our product is the best marketing tool because it allows you to be at the disposal of our customers at all times.

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