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Mobile marketing in Switzerland

70% of the Swiss population owns a smartphone with internet access. And if we focus…
mobile friendly google serps

Google: algorithm for mobile-friendly websites

April 21, 2015, Google further improves  its own algorithm that will reward the mobile-friendly websites…
wordpress security

WordPress: risks and security

Introduction Internet is unsafe, by definition. Cryptanalysis  and  cryptography shave always gone hand in hand: for every system…
delete order prestashop

How to delete orders on Prestashop?

Problem: dummy orders Often on Prestashop environment, we create dummy orders in order to test the shop…
flat design o design piatto sito web

Ticino Web Sites

2014 Ticino Web sites with SeoWebMaster When keeping up to date with the latest trends…
Seo webmaster responsive web design

Responsive Web Design – Mobile Web

Mobile Web Design The design of mobile web, often called responsive web design is a…
E-commerce online shop

E-commerce – with online shops it is easy to buy and sell

E-commerce (electronic commerce) refers to the buying and selling of products through electronic means (Online).…
seowebmaster ticinese

The #ticinese brand for a more united Ticino

Ticinese Brand The internal projects SeoWebMaster have a common denominator: all are meant to protect…
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Social Media – future is SMO and Hashtag

Social Media The impact of social media and other means of sharing has been devastating…