How to delete orders on Prestashop?

Problem: dummy orders

Often on Prestashop environment, we create dummy orders in order to test the shop and in the end such orders remain in our back office, distorting our financial statistics and more.

This need may reoccur if we do not want to keep track of orders refunded or made erroneously by our customers.


There are two ways to delete an order, the first of which require some technical skills, while the second is very simple.

delete order prestashop

How to delete an order from the database?


Attention! We premise that this is the most delicate way to delete an order on Prestashop CMS.

The standard platform to access the database is phpMyAdmin. In the interface of this web application you can view all the tables; in the search field  you can search ps_order and the system filters all tables starting with ps_order and they are many.

All rows of these tables containing the id of the order to be deleted must be eliminated. It is very important to proceed with caution in this exercise because there is the risk of compromise the proper functioning of the database.

How to delete an order from the back office?

This is the recommended solution!

Since Prestashop does not provide a link or a button on backoffice that allows to delete an order with a simple click, we have to invoke the function with a trick.

  1. We enter the Orders menu and then we can access the order that we want to be deleted
  2. In the address bar we have the URL that will be similar to this:
  3. We locate the label vieworder, we replace it with deleteorder and we press Return. We’re done!

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