Mobile marketing in Switzerland

70% of the Swiss population owns a smartphone with internet access. And if we focus only on young people the ratio reaches 9 to 10.

Introduction al mobile marketing


mobile marketingNowadays,  mobile phone is an essential tool for all of us. The main use we make of it is communication and entertainment, as well as real time update of the daily events of the topics to which we are interested. We focus on personal interests as we want to dwell on contextual services, namely services that are useful depending on the circumstances in which we are.

The contextual service is important in general, but especially when we are traveling because needs change based on the current situation and on circumstances of the context in which we are. The most used device to access Internet when we are not at home is definitely the smartphone. Therefore, it becomes important to focus our attention to those needs when we supply online content available from the cellular.


In Switzerland also tablet are in net growth: 39% of the population owns one. This device is mainly used at home (unlike phones) and the discussion of contextual services does not have the same weight as smartphones.

Mobile websites

The traditional displaying of websites from mobile devices was problematic. The website, having been designed for computers resolutions and dimensions, had obvious shortcomings in terms of size of the characters, images and other contents. It was, in short, a long, boring and irritating game of zooming in and zooming out. Now, websites have evolved and adapt automatically to each device from which users will consult webpages. We are talking about Responsive Design! The user interface is simplified, the font is larger and images adapted. In addition to the graphic improvements of the website, it is also perfected the usability of our website, providing end users mobile-friendliness.

Smartphone apps

app smartphone

Everybody uses smart phone applications for well-defined objective. They can also act as Web sites and meet the special needs of users: online ordering, SBB schedule, social networks, e-mail consultation, various games and much more.

In Switzerland, unlike the rest of the world iOS (Apple’s operating system) is used more than Android. iPhones are used by 56% of the Swiss population, while Android  by 36%.

Mobile advertising

In many apps and mobile websites, we notice the presence of interactive advertising before we access the desired page. These are banner ads that many operators and agencies offer in various modes.

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