The #ticinese brand for a more united Ticino

Ticinese Brand

The internal projects SeoWebMaster have a common denominator: all are meant to protect and promote typically Ticino products. For this reason, several projects have been implemented with this in mind and we will bet again on the mark #ticinese.

Projects for Ticino

SeoWebMaster #ticinese Ticino

In this article we describe our projects covering different areas, but all #ticinese:

  • Politica Ticinese
  • Business Ticinese
  • Donna Ticinese
  • Sport Ticinese

Politica Ticinese

Politica Ticinese is an in-depth blog where politicians are the authors; they write articles about the Ticino world of politics. There are no distinctions between politicians; it is enough to be part of a party to be able to submit an article. On the other hand every citizen has the opportunity to be informed and have their say.

There is also a calendar of political events, which lists events of all parties (if available).

The goal is to bring citizens closer to the people who they represent because often barriers are created that are, apparently, insurmountable.

“Politics?” Politica Ticinese

Politica TicineseThe apolitical does not exist – everything is politics.“(Thomas Mann)

Business Ticinese

Business Ticinese is a directory that contains only the companies of Ticino. It aims to combine the business of our canton in order to protect and strengthen trade relations in Ticino. It provides a database where you can complain, or enter your own business. You can also advertise products and services by writing articles on the blog; This tool is ideal for the promotion of company news, gift ideas, special offers and so on.

“Let’s do business?” Business Ticinese

Business TicineseA business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” (Henry Ford)

Donna Ticinese

Donna Ticinese is a forum exclusively for women on everyday matters; from the most trivial topics to those a bit more serious. From the family (partner, mother, marriage), leisure (cinema, music, TV, reading, shopping, travel, animals, sports, etc…), Society (politics, gender equality), home (furniture, kitchen) and the issues of health and work.

The goal is to create a meeting place for women of Ticino, where they can share their ideas, questions, and possibly problems.

Things between women?      Donna Ticinese

Donna Ticinese “Being a woman is so fascinating…”” (Oriana Fallaci)

Sport Ticinese

Sport Ticinese is a forum that offers a place for all sports to discuss a variety of sports: football (at all levels Swiss and international), ice hockey (Ambri, Lugano and low range championships), tennis, volleyball, swimming, basketball, boxing, motor, bowling and so on and so forth.

This platform aims to give visibility to young athletes (who often do not have the space they deserve) and the less popular sports (any sport is worthy of being represented in equal measure).

Sport?    Sport Ticinese

Sport Ticinese “Lo sport ha occupato sempre un posto importante nella mia vita” (Roger Federer)

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