Website creation steps

The steps of web design and web development and the next promotion strategies represent a complete process toward success.

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Web Design

Web Design

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The web design phase of a website (which can be, for example, static, dynamic, blog, portal, and e-commerce) is critical to its success. That is, designing to the very last detail an architecture plan of a website before starting to develop it. 

So, the web designer must know the project in its entirety, both in general and in detail, in order to design the website both conceptually and graphically. The ideal is to find a compromise between design and functionality to be able to be creative and at the same time functional.

It is crucial, therefore, to implement a clear and focused strategy on the usability and accessibility of the internet site because it will determine whether the user experience will be satisfactory or not. The navigability of a website plays a central role and, therefore, deserves special attention.

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The power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect” (Berners Lee).

Web Development

Web development

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The phase of web development is the technical part which consists in developing the project, as it was conceived during the web design. Using the CMS most suitable (see Creating websites) to the website that you want to create and any additional services implemented with the source code for reference. 

Sviluppo di siti web in codice html web development

The goal is to create a website that is first of all, functional and navigable, which the visitor uses as we expected, down to the smallest detail. 

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.” (Cameron Moll)


Ottimizzazione con i motori di ricerca

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 Every website aims to present something to the world and, therefore, needs to have visibility. The first step is the part of SEO, which will optimize the pages of our website in order to be better interpreted by search engines and, therefore, better positioned in the search results page (SERPs).

Being the first results is key in creating traffic around our site, increasing the chances of turning users into customers.

SeoWebMaster mainly specializes in this field and offers this stand-alone service, that optimizes the sites have already been developed and published. If you wish to raise your rankings in Google pages, please contact us now!

Moreover, the quality of your content is crucial for the positioning on search engines and, later, to create links to our page.



Social Media Diffusion

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Once you have completed the optimization of the website (even if it is a process that is continuously encourages updates), followed by the Off Page SEO, namely the dissemination of our content outside of our website.

This is a crucial step to create visibility around the website and should be done by optimizing the so-called Social Media (SMO), such as:

SeoWebMaster offers the opportunity to keep up to date with the evolution of social networks, and guide you in creating the effective posts targeting the promotion of your product as the proper use of this tool could open many doors for your business, to create a viral marketing. 

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Consulting and training

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First of all counseling is done with the client; studying the area it covers and focusing on their target market. Depending on the research that you have for that particular target, spread throughout the design and development of the website, since it must respond to the needs that users have. It is a customer-oriented marketing tool, therefore very targeted and efficient marketing.

Consultation is ongoing during the development of the website in order to meet any minimum requirement of the customer.

SeoWebMaster also provides targeted training for the expansion of the project and its effective promotion. As an internet project does not know the word conclusion, the customer might be interested in learning of the basics for the maintenance of the site and the proper disclosure of news regarding it.


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