Google: algorithm for mobile-friendly websites

April 21, 2015, Google further improves  its own algorithm that will reward the mobile-friendly websites in search results Mobile (mobile SERPs).

Google Press Release

On February 26, Google introduced the factor App (for those indexed) in the logic of the search algorithm that allows logged in users (those have already installed this App) to have on SERPs the contents of their applications smartphone.

On April 21, Google announces the latest evolution of this algorithm which is always more precise and user-friendly. In fact, the largest search engine declares that the sites mobile-friendly will be a factor, an integral part of the logic of Google algorithm.

mobile friendly google serps

How to check website mobile-friendliness?

It is important to underline that this update has to do more more with the interface graphics and compatibility of websites on mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential to have a website responsive (optimized with mobiles) or make it responsive in order to avoid being penalized on mobile searches.

To determine if a site meets the requirements of the mobile-friendliness of Google, there is a special page:

mobile friendly google

This page also describes in full detail the steps that must be performed in order to improve the compatibility of the mobile. Depending on the CMS used, Google suggests which changes to make in order to have a website viewable on all smartphones.

What impact does this update have on SERPs of tablet and desktop?

Da questo comunicato si può dedurre che è possibile una differenza di posizionamento netta di un sito web tra i vari dispositivi.

This update does not affect the results of tablet and desktop. It is targeted only to mobile devices and, therefore, the SERPs of smartphones.

From Google statement we can deduce that potentially it can be an important ranking difference between devices.

Why is it important to have a mobile-friendly website?

Avere un sito web mobile-friendly è fondamentale per motivi statistici, oltre che per ragioni prettamente grafiche e di usabilità.

Having a mobile-friendly website  is crucial for business reasons, other than compatibility and usability reasons .

91% not mobile-friendly
91% of websites of small businesses is not optimized with mobile, then it is possible a tangible difference between the   mobile and other devices rankings.
94% searches on phone
94% of users searches for local information in your smartphone.
90% purchases mobiel
90% of users who are have searched from their own phonethen buy or close their contract effectively.

What to do?

If your website is not responsive you can follow the procedures explained above. If the Google explanations are too technical and complicated you can contact us here.

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