The evolution of SEO, what changes with Google Hummingbird?

Is SEO dead? Does SEO still survive? Is SEO lifeless, but still breathing? Is SEO dead, but then reborn in a different form? Is SEO immortal? Does SEO have 9 lives like a cat?

The evolution of Google algorithms has generated and still generates mixed and drastic reactions, but above all very contradictory. The advent of Google Hummingbird, like every new Google product, sparked the so-called SEO Specialists to conclusions that were, I would say, very hasty. The rhythms of the web are very hectic and maybe some find it hard to keep up with them.

Google Hummingbird has certainly brought some new concepts concerning optimization of web sites with search engines. Innovation that continues in the gradual but inexorable evolution of Google that will transform the mechanical interpretation of an interpretation more and more human. If at the beginning it was very primitive algorithms, now the level of detail is much, much more precise.

Evoluzione di SEO con i motori di ricerca Google

The evolution of Google and the evolution of SEO 

Let’s imagine the Google algorithm and think about how WE would make the rankings among the top search results. Of course we would prefer pages that respond better to the search query.

By this I mean that Google’s algorithms have become very sophisticated and fail to notice the excessive (and abusive) use of SEO tricks and we need to really focus on the quality of the content we offer.

The following points are to be taken into consideration:

  • Sites that are by now obsolete should be redone for performance reasons
  • Provide quality content, preferably written by copywrite
    • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is a concept that should be taken into account. Essentially, our text should not repeat keywords (as traditionally done), but vary between terms that fall within the family of words of our product
    • Offer a quality photo, yet too large because they disturb the experience of the user, and therefore the search engine
    • The layout of the page should not be too complicated because it may adversely affect the proper interpretation by the search engines
  • Use the latest generation CMS, that is always updated with changes

Websites that do not offer what they say will be penalized and priority will be given the most honest that describe in the smallest detail the topic in question.

SEO, therefore, is not dead. It’s just evolved!

It will die when the Google algorithm reaches perfection.

If it ever does…

Of course, today, SMO (Social Media Optimization) also has weight…


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