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Have you invested on your website and nobody finds you? Change your strategy, think of SEO

We are a SEO agency that operates in Ticino for several years and our strong point is to increment the visibility of websites one search engines (e.g. Google).

Often, we treat the appearance of the interface in detail also by developing dynamic parts of the site with a variety of new technologies, but our website has too few views.

Why? How to increment the visibility? How to involve more users?

SEO Definition

First of all, we are going to define the acronym SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and aims to optimize the content of the website pages, in order to increase search engine ranking.

The scope is therefore to have more traffic in our site using search engines, but to do this we need to adapt our content to their way of thinking.

SEO words

In order to have a more accurate idea on the optimization process, we need first to define some SEO words.


Keywords are the expressions that users search on search engines and whom webmaster adapt their contents to, in order to get available to the same users.


SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page and is the page where the most relevant results (to a certain keyword) are listed.

SEO Ranking

The ranking is the position of a webpage on SERPs. Usually,  the first 10 results are listed in the first page, reason why they become the most desirable.

Indexing and classificaiton

Search engines register all website throught their crawler (indexing) and then classify them on SERPs, based on the keywords (classification).

How to optimize websites?

Website development must go in parallel with its optimization. It is more difficult optimizing a website that has already been implemented because no regards has been considered on keywords. SeoWebMaster adopts the following, which is executed in chronological order (and it is recommended to all customers in Ticino):

  1. SEO processo di pubblicazione contenuti articoliIdentify the most searched keywords for a given topic
  2. Develop rich content (text and multimedia) based onthe most relevant keywords, by trying to assign a logical and intuitive structure to the whole content
  3. Pubblish pages monitor the SEO evolution
  4. Share page on social media and other tools

The fact that these steps are in chronological order explains why existing website are harder to be optimized; it is necessary to make structural changes to the content. Moreover, the latest Google algorithm requires us to meticulously take care of the  content quality and its relevance to users which we want to involve. Ensuring the relevance of the texts with certain keywords is only possible if we have already identified the keywords at the time of the drafting of the text itself; therefore, it is really important that the order is followed as it is described.

Ovviamente, i diversi passi devono essere eseguiti in modo professionale. Sono comunque necessarie delle competenze tecniche al fine di mettere in pratica in modo esaustivo tutti i diversi passaggi, che non sono così immediati.

Obviously, the different steps must be performed in a professional manner. High technical skills are required in order to put into practice competent way all the different steps, which is not so straightforward.

Another important aspect is to avoid making the common mistakes.

Common mistakes in optimization

SEO non è magia

The error most frequently made is trying to improve the visibility of a web page with special tricks that often are on the web. In this way we lose sight of the real reason why a page has been created. Each page can at most describe in detail one single topic; it could touch similar topics, but the main topic is only one. In addition, Google’s algorithms are more sophisticated and any gray solution is promptly penalized. SEO is not magic, it’s daily work …

SEO non c'è fretta

Another common mistake is to have a big hurry. The timing of the search engines are sometimes longer in indexing first and classifying then our content; therefore it is advisable to wait for the ranking evolution (often swinging) for more time, before making any changes because they result sometimes counterproductive.

It is therefore recommended some patience.

SEO no relax

In Ticino, it is possible to obtain satisfactory results even in short term (if website is online for a while) thanks to the relative competition. The mistake that we do here that we tend to relax and we forget updating or feeding our website. The SEO world, as well as Internet in general, is very fast. In order to deserve certain positions we need to offer fresh content periodically to demonstrate a certain dynamism which is vital in this area. Moreover, competition could increase from day to day and our situation could get worse accordingly.

Why SEO is important?

In case I have developed a personal website with no commercial purposes, SEO is not so important. Obviously, most of the sites intend to sell something: a product, a service or even the personal image.

Publishing a website means pass it to the whole world and basically nobody would like his website to be invisible; indeed, it is the goal of everybody.

The most immediate and direct conversion is in the E-commerce, where every view could turn into a real sale. We talk about CTR (Click Through Rate) which is the percentage of clicks out of the total impressions.

CTR = Clicks / Impressions

It is important, therefore, to create traffic in our website in order to bring our products or services to users/clients. Now let’s see some numbers that explain better the importance of SEO.

SEO stats

To realize better how much SEO is important, we provide some statistics that are self-explanatory. These are worldwide statistical data, not only in Ticino or Switzerland.


61% of internet users search products online


44% of users that make purchases online, start from search engines


86% of users stated that using search engines has helped them to learn something new


The average number of words of the top 10 Google SERPs for each keyword is 2000.


A post having more than 1500 words, in average gets 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook Likes than a post with less than 1500 words


60% of all organic clicks are of the first 3 results in SERPs


50% of all mobile search aim to find local results and 61% of them becomes a real purchase.

These stats are pubbliche by

SEO in Ticino?

SEO is constantly changing and in Ticino is catching on significantly. In some areas, the road is open, while in others the competition is getting tighter. As yet there is still room for improvement, it is essential to improve SEO and take advantage over competitors, which could be decisive. Tomorrow may be too late, given the Web timing.

The medium-small companies that operate in fertile sectors  (in terms of SEO) have the unique opportunity to raise their brand awareness by all citizens of the canton  Word of mouth now does not offer a great potential, you must be present in every home in Ticino and be ready to respond to their needs.

Even if the competition is already present, it is essential to act in time and recover the lost ground. If a competitor has taken the first steps in terms of optimized website, it will be destined to defeat the competition, if we are not so reactive.

In conclusion, every person or company that offers their products or services to the community of Ticino will find himself confronted with the optimization of their site on the search engines, otherwise the online presence will fail dramatically. Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible.

SEO Consulting

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