Project Frottier Shop is specialized in terry products (such as towels, bath mats, bathrobes) of the major brands in the industry: Schlossberg, Fischbacher, Weseta, Cawo etc. and, thanks to this on shop, will implement the on sales. Platform development This is an on shop of the latest generation, secured with SSL / TLS certificate and developed […]

Ascona-Locarno Marathon organization Ascona-Locarno Marathon is a sport event of Ascona-Locarno (Ticino, Svizzera) which includes different types of races: marathon, half marathon, 10 km and KidsRun Ascona-Locarno Marathon website Ascona-Locarno Marathon website is of the last generation and fully respects the usability requirements. The website is available in the three national languages (Italian, German and […]

Introduction to Interactive Media Designer What is IMD? IMD stands for Interactive Media Designer and it a profession that aims to use different technologies to present something in a global way (a marketing strategy could be an example). The main tasks vary from the website development to photography, from video making to 3D animations, from the proper use of […]

Best Bike Tour Idea Best Bike Tour (BBT) is a platform aimed at cyclists who wish to enjoy a rela holiday, but at the same time to keep the shape. BBT offers beautiful destinations, provided by Luxury hotels and, above all, by spectacular paths. Time often is too little and combining together holiday and your hobby passion is very important. BBT […]

World Newspapers Earth Map News is an innovative project, unique in his context. It presents the main newspapers of all countries of the world in a simple world map. It is sufficient to click on the area od the nation to have a list of links related to the desired newspaper. Moreover, there are different […]

The study of physiotherapy Fisio3L The study of physiotherapy Fisio3L was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing a professional service in the workplace, as well as highly competent in the field of physiotherapy. The study of Laura Leonesio is easily accessible in Lamone (Lugano) and ensures the confidentiality of all patient. Website project Il sito […]

Vita Association foundation Vita Association foundation has as main objective the support of needy children, focusing, especially, on health, education and livelihood of these children and therefore are supported construction projects to orphanages, medical facilities and so on. The central point, then, is to make life better for the less fortunate people, providing them with the necessary […]

Company GM Bikes GM Bikes is a company of Mauro Gianetti that offers various services for the sports companies and athletes. We will mentioned in particular consulting services, sports marketing and sponsorship. The past cycling great success allows him to better understand the needs of athletes, as well as get in touch with the world of […]

Business Ticinese Business Ticinese is a directory aimed to manage company names (or other assets) of Ticino. To do this there are three packages of registration: the basic , standard and premium package. Each one of them allows you to add specific information about the company that you own. As aforementioned, the platform Business Ticinese offers the possibility […]

Currently, 65% total site traffic and most of on leads of the law firm comes from Google organic search.