IMD – Interactive Media Designer

Introduction to Interactive Media Designer

What is IMD?

IMD stands for Interactive Media Designer and it a profession that aims to use different technologies to present something in a global way (a marketing strategy could be an example). The main tasks vary from the website development to photography, from video making to 3D animations, from the proper use of social networks to newsletters, etc.

Why IMD?

The IMD job, as well as innovative, it is also very new in Switzerland and is about to land in canton Ticino. Knowing this, we gave the opportunity to a student of Middle School to do a 3-days internship in order to evaluate closely what this profession consists of.

IMD development

The website is mainly based on multimedia content; video, audio, iconographic, animations, images and more.

We made a trailer for the profession and a video presentation of the intern at all steps, from shooting to editing and insertion to the website.

We also took pictures, modified according to the needs (cropped, resized, etc.) before publishing them on web pages.

We then created a Facebook page, fed by various content produced in these three days.

Abbiamo utilizzato anche altri strumenti, quali il microfono per le interviste, iconografiche animate per la descrizione del mestiere in modo dinamico e molo altro ancora. All this having clear the didactic purpose of the event.

Visit IMD website!

IMD Interactive Media Designer

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